Monday, October 25, 2010

Recycle beg

Do you like this shabby look on this recycle beg?

A closer look. I torn the tissue instead of cutting it to reflect a more natural presentation.

I have to put a paper under the surface to prevent excess decoupage medium slipped through another layer of cloth.

A plain recycle bag. First trial to decoupage on recycle bag.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Frame

A fun way to decorate a frame with toys.

This is another creation to decorate a frame if you do not have any picture

Another way to decourate the frame, just insert plastic grass with flower

I tried to insert this panda in the frame.

Just try to frame up with tulip picture but it was not matched with the frame.

My work corner

Roses were decoupaged at the four corners

Full view of the frame

The cut off tissue, instead of cutting, I tear it for a more natural effect

To decoupage my favourite rose on the frame

Original look of the photo frame with crack effect

Monday, October 11, 2010


Do you all like this pail? Maybe you can use to keep fruits....

The full view of this apple pail. Of course it was not used to collect apple!

Another side of the pail. Like the pail used to collect fruit from the farm .

Look simple and special.

The difficult part of decoupage the whole piece is to get zero wrinkle surface.

Quite an easy job as i just decoupage the whole piece of tissue on it

Final decision on which tissue to use

I painted just small part of this pail as to keep its original rusty look

Originally,a heavy,ugly and old metal pail

Friday, October 8, 2010

glasses case

Full view of as rosy glasses case for a rose crazy like me
Side view

Now, i love this case so much whenever i take or keep my glasses

Front look- an elegent look as a glasses case

Try to keep it simple with roses at corners

I spray it white

Originally is a blue plastic case

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

folkart on fry egg

What do you think of my frying egg ?Look delicious!
I did modify some of the color

Not as easy as I thought

A closer look of the tone of the egg white and egg yolk

I followed En Zahir's book to paint this egg


My folk art on frying egg. Just too lazy to start folk art after some long break.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Metal Tray

My lovely pony with my lastest decoupage work

The full view of this tray, hope it did not look too messy

Part of my collection at the corner of my home

I decorated the edge with faded green lines by last minutes idea.

I purposely made it a bit mess with flowers, fruit, words and silver pattern.

Well, It turned up to be not as messy as I thought!

This was the combination. I was worried at first as it ended up too complicated or I should keep it simple with only apple design.

I try to combine few patterns of tissue

I painted it white paint with my leftover paint. I don like gesso as it was time consuming to put few layers before well covered the background.

It was originally a rusty metal tray that was abandoned at my store room for sometimes.