Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The full view of this shabby container

The edge was highted with some gold nail color

The bottom was again decoupaged with some leftover word tissue.

The rop view of the lid.

The top was surrounded with blue and white checkerbox to compliment the lid and container as the initial decal design was to plain for the whole container.

This was actually a rusty container used to keep tea leaf. I painted it white and sticked a decal of rose on it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wooden box

A lovely wooden box that can be used as jewellery box or even the best place to keep my loveyletissues.

I try to keep both edges(top and bottom) empty

The edge of the box. The pink edges was from the tissue itself. I never do any painting at all.

I love this tissue to much that I will keep it as a collection instead to decoupage on anything. I may change my mind if I find something I realy love and match well with this design.

Well, this box can also used to keep tissue or any leftover pieces

Decoupage both sides with roses. Just like the pattern of tissue keep inside the box

Before : Original outlook of a wooden box

Monday, July 12, 2010

red flower

This pattern was sticked on the side wall. One of my favourite wall sticker

This glass door was not plain anymore.

See from far!

This is taken from the other side of the door. Well, the back of the sticker was white, this monotone pattern was reflected unintentionly and surprisingly well!

Well, the effect turned out to be just nice on the glass door.

This red flower sticker was sticked on glass door by accident as I never expect it to be on the glass, it should be on wall instead.

Monday, July 5, 2010


This is my favourite tulip garden. I still remember I did see a real black tulip before. A real full blossom of tulip garden is impossible seen here due to our hot climate.

A far view of this tulip garden. You will be surprise of the super orange wall with circle sticker on it. I think it is too sharp and outstanding!

This tulip garden is sticked just outside a bathroom. A fresh feel before you have a fresh bath!

A plastic yellow tulip vs red tulip sticker on the wall. Which one do you like? I prefer the real tulip garden. I was speechless when I saw a full groom of tulip garden in Canberra. I fell in love with it immediately!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Your day will be delighted and welcome by this lovely sticker.

I like the colourful tree and the lovely pair of bird

Would you smile when looking this in washroom?

Look at the birds in the circle ! Seem like welcome you to visit this place.

Beautiful scenary in the washroom