Monday, November 30, 2009

stool-part 2

I like this rose so much

A simple stool turned into a rosy stool!

THe inside decoupage of this stool

The side view of the stool. A clearer look than the part 1

Color the edge with brown color to express a washout look

Monday, November 16, 2009

Razna Tissue Giveaway-it's free

If anyone interested to receive tissue for free, do follow what I do, maybe you are the lucky one !

Syarat penyertaan;
Choose any (10) paten must be ten (10) different code, choose from the shop eg: M001 , M008 ….(this will be your gift)

Tulis satu entri berkenaan give away ini berserta link ( photo diatas mesti dimasukkan) senarai kan di entry anda itu sepuluh (10) tisu tersebut.
Add Razna Creation blog link your blog

Tinggalkan komen disini beserta link ke blog anda. xde blog?
Untuk menukar list hadiah sebelum tarikh tutup giveaway ini. Buat (1) hingga (4) sekali lagi.

Pemenang akan ditentukan dengan cabutan bertuah pada tarikh 14/12/2009.
Tissue yang saya nak ialah 1-M103,10-M107,10-M125,
10-M176, 14M191, 14-M121, 4-M096, 5-M099, 11-M076,8-M117
Hopefully i will get it....

stool-part 1

Big rose on stool

I add some decoupage wording on emty space plus a little doily design at the corner
I keep this rose tissue for so long and the rose is too big. Finally I found a right place for it. The side is decorated with doily and wordings

Original stool

Friday, November 13, 2009

Old box

A rusty box transform into a cactus treasure box. Someone's trash is another person's treasure.

It was imported from England in 1970s

The picture is very unique even the surface is rusty. I decided to keep the original look instead of my normal practise of spraying it white for decoupage.

Rusty toffee box found from my mum's room that she almost threw it away

Will you keep this box if you have it or throw away ? I believe some one trash is another person's treasure

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tool box

Tool box for garden

See the original face of this tool box. Unmatched wood plus unskillful workmanship.

A good place to keep my gardening tool

This DIY tool box is done with leftover wood. I just used glue to sticked the box as I do not know how to hammer the nail on the wood.

First phase, the leftover spray paint was used to cover the wood surface

This the tissue that is suitable for decoration for outdoor or garden

Monday, November 9, 2009


Yummy food on pan, keep the green background and filled up the empty space with doily pattern

Another work done on white background

Yummy to see

Rusty pan turned to all white pan

The lefover tisue of this pizza

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This final result on the kettle. It looks simple but elegant. I am worry more shading will mess up the whole kettle .So, I will leave it as simple as this.

Just decoupage this all time favourite rose pattern on the surface without any gesso on backgroud as I am just too lazy to go through all the hassle of gesso and uneven color especially on smooth plastic surface

Thinking of using this pattern but is a bit too dark to match the cream surface of kettle.

Just change to a new electric kettle. So, I decide to makeover this kettle to give it a new life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

mini tea cup

Rose decal on the mini cup. Just to sweet to use!

Before: mini tea cup from free gift